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  • We customize your visit & stay in Scandinavian countries on your demand !
  • We carry out meticulous assistant service for your request.

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We provide meticulous care for you!
Booking local operation, alternative application procedure etc.


  • Accommodation, Transfer & Guide services, Booking cruise, Rental car arrangement.
  • We customize the plan for technical visit of education, welfare (senior care), environmental energy etc.
  • Specific themed tours on spiritual, healing etc., trust our meticulous service.  *Visiting the trace of Templer's trace in Scandinavian area.

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Practical Information

Time Lag 

Time lag: Normally 8 hours lag (12:00 at noon Scandinavian local time = 20:00 local time in Japan)
During summer time 7 hours lag (12:00 at noon Scandinavian local time = 19:00 local time in Japan)

Passport 6 Visa 

  • A passport is required to enter the country and total duration of stay or a succession of several stays may not exceed 90 days per six months.
  • A visa is unnecessary if visiting Denmark & Norway for sightseeing purposes for 90 days or less within a period of six months.
  • Although no procedures are necessary when crossing borders within Scandinavia, ensure to carry your passport wherever you go.
    • Embassy of Denmark in Japan
      Address: 29-6 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo Zip code:150-0033
      Tel: 03-3496-3001
    • Royal Norwegian Embassy in Japan
      Address: 5-12-2 Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo Zip code:106-0047
      Tel: 03-6408-8100


  • Denmark & Sweden: 220V、AC50C Plug 2round pins
  • Norway: 230V、AC50C 2 round pins
    • Adapter with converter is necessary. [#s9d0eaab]

Access from Japan


SAS is linked to Scandinavian countries and all over the world.
The direct flight from Narita arrives at Copenhagen (Kastrup, 8km from the city center) airport.
For more information, READ MORE

When you have arrived, it's easy to move to city center by public transportation plying, every 10 minutes by bus or every 20 minutes buy trains.

Emergency Numbers

Emergency calls can be made from pay phones free of charge.

Emergency Call : Dial 112
Then state whether you are in need of the police, fire department, or an ambulance.

Police or Politi
Fire department or Brand
Ambulance or Ambulance
Night medical service Lægevagt
Copenhagen tourist medical services
Phone: + 45 33-93-63-00

Japanese Embassy in Denmark (Japan Ambassade)
Tel: 33 11 33 44
Address: Pilestrade 61, 1112 Copenhagen

Police 112
Fire Department 110
Ambulance 113

Oslo emergency care centre
(open 24 hours a day)
Phone: 22-11-80-80

Japanese Embassy in Norway
Tel: 22 99 16 00
Address: Wergelandsveien 15, 0244 Oslo