We provide a courteous support and service: For 2 – 10 people who are insist on specific themed destination.  Quotation is available on your request with budget.

  • Booking & Arrangement for local program, day trip etc.
  • Customize special program.

We are specialized in local area and specific spots which are informationally deprived.

  • Accommodation, Land service (transfer by coach)
    • Specifically, spiritual tour (ritual, retreat ), visiting archaeo/astronomical sites et al.
    • Booking tickets of Opera, Concert, Special event.

  • Megalithic ruins (Stone circles, Dolmen etc.) holy wells power spots are scattered.
  • Ireland is known as “Fairy Land” and treasure of legends and folklore. Even today, they live there with fairies.
  • Ireland is a very green country even during winter time and green is effective colour for healing.  Refresh yourself in land of Emerald green !

UK >>>

  • Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Uffington, Inverness et al.


  • Mysterious Paris, Lourdes (Holy spring), Provence et al.


  • Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent et al


  • Amalfi, Florence, Naples, Turin, Paestum, Venice et al


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