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  • Booking for local arrangement and operation for your request:
    • Accommodation:Chateau hotel, selected hotel etc.
    • Farm stay (Agritourismo), Villa stay
  • Arrangement:Tour guide, rental car etc.
  • Home stay & Cooking lesson
  • Booking: Opera, Concert
  • Transportation service 
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  • Opera
    'Teatro alla Scala', sanctuary of opera opened new opera season (2015-2016)
    with gala premiere of Giovanna d’Arco, Verdi's opera.


We represent a package of opera ticket & hotel.
4★category hotel accommodation (1 B&B) and ticket of 2nd-5th category box seat.
Grade-up of hotel and ticket is available with additional charge.
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Destination recommendable

Arena di Verona

Verona is famous for its annual summer open air operas at the Roman amphitheater, the Arena which is the third largest in Italy.
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Greek Temple

Named to the UNESCO World Heritage in1998.
The ruins of Greek and Rome are at Paestum of Capaccio in the Province of Salerno, Campania, Italy.

Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is in Turin, Italy, specializing in Egyptian archaeology and anthropology. It houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities with more than 30,000 art facts.


Named to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1993. Monks who refuged from Islamic force lived once, then refugees from Osman Turks refuge. 
Once-flourishing Matera as capital of Basilicata declined. Peasants living here caused population increase with insanitation to be relocated then ruined but growing popular sightseeing spot now.

South Italy

Cilentan coast
This is the sea of the sailors of the Odysseys and of the Siren who transformed herself into rocks.
Ernest Hemingway used to come here to fish and to sprawl out in his boat.
He was inspired to write his "Old man and The Sea"

Blue Grotto

Sailing by boat along the coast of Capo Palinuro, visit the Blue Cave, one of the most beautiful sea cave of Europe. This cave is not well-known as Blue Cave in Capri for Japanese. But it is easier to go into this cave with wider entrance, not interrupted by tidal waves frequently as the other in Capri.

Mystery in Italy

Shroud of Turin



  • Holy Shroud in English ( and the Italian is Shindone) is one of the relics in Christianity, this shroud has been considered to wrap the body of Jesus Christ after he was crucified to be dead. "Shroud of Turin" is stored at St. John's Cathedral in Turin, and recently open to public in 2010.
  • Recent intervention underwent in 2002, this restoration carried out the new finds by professor Flurry Lemberg (textile expert). The cloth is much older than 14 century going back to the age of Jesus.
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Practical Information

Passport / Visa  

  • Japanese passport holders can travel to Italy.
    Passport is sufficient until the expiry date with 3 months remaining.
    Entry Card (Immigration card) is abolished.
  • Visa is not required within 3 months stay.
    (In case of exceeding 3 months and special purpose to stay, you should apply to Visa)
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Access to Italy from Japan

Italy has air links with most European countries and with the rest of the world.


Between Narita (Tokyo) or Osaka and Italy, you can fly non-stop by Alitalia directly. (Tokyo - Milan:12hours ) Italy's main airports arrivals are Fiumicino (Rome ), Malpensa (Milan) and new Marco Polo Airport (Venice) since April, 2014.  
A wide range of flights is covering a vast array of destinations.

Traveling inside of Italy from one city to another is easy by plenty of connections, such as wide range of flights,trains and ships depending on destinations.

From Airports to city center


Malpensa airport is located at northern-west part of Milan 50km outside and easy to access in about an hour.
1 Malpensa Shuttle bus
Between Malpensa and Milan Central station
2 Malpensa Express train
3 Taxi €70~

(=Leonardo da Vinci Airport)

Located at Fiumicino, 32km southwest of Rome.
1 Trenitalia (FM1):
Train between airport and main stations in Rome.
Leonald Express: Direct connecting airport to central railway station of Termini
2 Shuttle bus: Sitbusshuttle, Cotral etc.
3 Taxi:Outside of arrival hall €48(depending on traffic)  

Marco Polo
(=Tessera Airport)

Located at Tessera, 7 kilometres north of Venice, having direct flight from Japan now.
1 Airport bus:Airport - Piazzale Roma
ATVO: Blue - Direct express
ATCV: Orange - Public bus
2 Water bus:Transport service of Blue, Orange, Red Lines provided by  Alilaguna. 
3 Taxi: Airport - Piazzale Roma  €25  
4  Motor Boat: Airport - San Marco €100 ~